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ABOUT Mad Comedian



Mad Comedian was created by the writer known as Omar Dyer, with the pen-name known as TheFanNJ -- for a pilot called Real Comedians From Da Hood. He's a local New York City comic, going on a rant and public war on Celebrities. He was created off a twitter fight, with Kevin Hart, and that fight went into a feud with Marlon Wayans that was displayed on social media. Mad Comedian is the creator of Characters verses Celebrities war. In that war, the jack of all trades, goes on a one man rant on Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Kevin Hart, elite comedians, and Fox News. 

Mad Comedian is the current president of the Ghetto Hoods in America, and he is always battling the rant against him with Fox News, and TMZ. His most famous for being married to Amanda Bynes, Miley Cyrus (cyber marriages) and creating the song called: "White Girl Crazy," He's going on a rant that only legends can get away with, and he's out performing elite entertainers in the world.


Currently he is filming 3 bio-pics that are comedies and reality called: Open Mic: Stopped & Frisked, Mad Comedian, and Greatest loser. 

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2015 - Facebook comedian of the week - Jersey City

2014 - New FilmMakers Online - New York City

2014 - Coney Island Film Festival - Brooklyn NY

2016 - Facebook ratings through WebMii 6.9 viewers

50 million impressions,

totaling to 17 million views


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