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I Am An American (Video)


Coaches 101 A NJ Non-Profit

Coaches! 101 Productions

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Jersey City NJ 07304



Statement Letter for I Am An American

I Am An American which is a musical soundtrack that has been incorporated by our company, now has a video streaming online. We are trying to build a target base and fan base for brick and mortar consumption. Our project goals, will be displayed on the main character’s website of Mad Comedian. I Am An American talks about the influences and disturbance of police brutality in America – plus the notion that Black Lives Matter. The song was written by Omar Dyer, who is a top 100 songwriter with BMI, and uses Tunecore INC to promote the audio release.

Coaches! 101 Productions has our very own Universal Product Code when it comes to the consumption as in terms of views on the video aspects. Our overall goal, is to gain 25,000 paid through advertisement views. This will allow our product to be verified by the GLN network – which takes 6 months to verify, and then certified by the RIAA: which is the Recording Industry Associations of America. This process will take about a year, and we hope to close out our targeted advertisements on August 31, 2018.


Coaches 101 A NJ Non-Profit

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Coaches! 101 Productions

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