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Coaches! 101 Productions has partnered up with FNX Sports, which is a supplement to enhance Men's Health. We've also used Mad Comedian's brand in a few exclusive instagram challenges; like the Ring The Alarm Challenge: which was a 3 day challenge from April 24, 2020 to April 27, 2020. The challenge was hosted by recording artist Tyrese Gibson, and winner was announced on his Instagram page. We are moving forward with our production, and released this contract: Mad Comedian's work order for Ring The Alarm Challenge

You can click on the picture to the left, and look at our contract with Coaches! 101 Productions. For more information on how your product can be our sponsor please go to the endorsement section. 

Click on the picture to the left, and become an endorsee of me, "Mad Comedian." 

When you endoree me, you'll get rolling credits on our weblog; an avatar to be in our stadium for my first animated film. 

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